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Font Hunting

Does anyone know a similar font/typeface to the one used on these boxes from PB? Photo Credit:   I love it and have it in mind for a few projects.  If you know, shout it out!  Thanks!

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Painting with Wee Ones

Here is a little post about arts & crafts at the SNM household.  Now, full disclaimer here:  I like to be creative and I like to instill that into my children.  Truth.  Another truth:  I am anal-retentive and get REALLY … Continue reading

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Big Boy Bed

Do the words BIG BOY remind you of a Brawny Lad and this guy? It does to me. Anyway, this is about MY big boy (who doesn’t wear overalls since he is man-boy).  I am slowly closing in on a … Continue reading

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No Deer Were Harmed in the Making of this Post

I want this little fella for Grand Slam’s boudoir: How cute would that be hanging above his big boy bed?!  How long do you think it will last before he disassembles it into a bunch of mini-cardboard pieces and then uses them as weapons … Continue reading

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A Real Life Cleaning Schedule

Ok:  I really do like cleaning.  I do.  It’s cathartic.  However, I don’t have the TIME to clean (I know what you’re thinking…”BUT you do have time to blog?”)  Well, that’s also cathartic.          Here is the issue.  One big … Continue reading

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Do you want a House or a Home?

This was a GREAT post for me to read this morning as I look around the house and see toys, clutter, dishes…etc. Check out Centsational Girl’s post on What Makes a House a Home? I might print this out, attach … Continue reading

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Empty Vessels

After removing all the Christmas hullabaloo, I realize that I have A LOT of containers.  I lined them all up on the dining room table…and there they sat…and are still sitting.   However, I know that I will put them to … Continue reading

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They like me! They Really LIKE ME!

I am in blogger heaven… One of my fav bloggers/blogs, Lauren @ Pure Style Home,  actually mentioned me in her post.   It was about my closet organization featured here. I was as giddy as a school girl! But then I saw … Continue reading

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I am completely off kilter today.  Not sure if it was the large amounts of Japanese food last night or the 12 cups of coffee this morning, but I can’t get it together.  Sure, there is lots of stuff to … Continue reading

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Closet Organization

I am sure some of you have “Get Organized” as part of your New Year’s Resolutions.  I think this must top the list for half the nation considering every January issue of our fav magazines scream out various ways to get … Continue reading

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