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DIY Frame for Hair Barrettes

Over Christmas, I went shopping with my sisters & mom and we stopped at this cute little boutique in Shreveport. They had amazing clothes, gifts and art for children — you know, Beatles T-shirts for $1.2 million dollars and the … Continue reading

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A Poll! Tell SNM What you think.

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Work Stress, Gas & DecorP*rn.

Today was a career first for me…and I hope it was a career LAST.  Without going into details, I just need to say it was a BAD day and I hope that I don’t need to face a situation like … Continue reading

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Shes.No.Martha…or is she?

I can’t believe I forgot to post about the fact that I WON a contest last week.  Yep…you want to know what it was?  On Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius 112), they had a daily giveaway to see “How Martha Were You” … Continue reading

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Any Excuse to Throw a Party…

Unfortunately, I have not only passed on the dry skin gene to my son, but also the ill-fated astigmatism.   Grand Slam now has glasses.  Yep, a 3-year-old with glasses.   I’m sorry, let me rephrase:  a 3-year-old BOY with glasses.  Imagine, if … Continue reading

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A How-to for Hanging an Art Wall

A new-found blog lovely, Isabella and Max Rooms,  features a how-to for doing a gallery wall.  Her paper thingy looks so good I would actually hang it on my wall.  I tried something like this with the Art in Grand Sam’s … Continue reading

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Thank you, Fabulous Jane!

I can now proudly display these buttons on little old SNM……if only I can figure out how to get them to show up. Hmmm. See, the very crafty Jane at Finding Fabulous featured the DIY Art Wall on Frugalicious Friday Favorites … Continue reading

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File with Style!

Imagine something like the following (don’t have a “before” picture): Imagine using some leftover wall paint and 2 knobs ($3 total at Hobby Lobby) and getting something like this: $3.00 for an upgraded printer stand!  I am sure Martha probably … Continue reading

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After the 20.5  million feet of snow, we are currently getting what looks like a million more.  My mailbox is barely peeking out of the snow.  Poor thing. Here I am in the garage taking a picture of the front … Continue reading

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Valentine's Day Warning: This post may contain violence…

The kids had their Valentines’ Day party at school on Friday.  Martha would have totally kicked my arse for sending Grand Slam to school with this piece of sh*t to corral his valentines.    I would have explained to her that we … Continue reading

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