Design and Resolutions.

Every email, magazine, and TV show you see in January is likely dedicated to organization and clutter – –  just as it is every January.   In addition, every year,  I resolve to clear the clutter and get better organized.  One project this year is the home office.  It is actually not TOO bad, but our closet could stand a little sprucing up.  



I ran across this article in the January issue of BHG.  It is designer Amy Meier’s home office (actually located in her dining room).   

via BHG


I love this space!  I think this is the perfect blend of white, natural materials, metals, and pure beautiful organization.     

Why can’t I seem to get this perfect blend?   

Further in the article, it actually lists Amy’s formula for the right mix of finishes “50 percent slick white, 25 percent woven baskets, and 25 percent brushed metal.”  You know I am not very adept at math, but I am going to attempt this!   


via Amy Meier Design


Read more about Amy’s Office here.  And, be sure to look around her blog — she has some great stuff.   

via BHG


HOWEVER, before I run out and buy 1,000 new items, I really need to sit down and plan what I need and what will work.  I am too apt to run out and buy a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work, is too small, and is not visually appealing.  

So, what’s your first home project for 2011? 

PS:  Here is the Diva’s 2011 Resolution.  We are on Day #2 and she is having a pretty difficult time sustaining it.   


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14 Responses to Design and Resolutions.

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  2. Valentina says:

    where did you get the oriental rug, love it.

    • Rocky says:

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    • http://www./ says:

      Thank you Mary for taking us on this culinary joinery over the last year, for keeping us organized and for your encouragement, We learned so much over the past year in so many ways.

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    • hagerty plus says:

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  3. kacey thanks so much for your lovely comment.I really appreciate your thinking of me…

    love this resolution! hope it sticks!

    thanks again and happy new year! donna

  4. Hi Kayce!
    That office struck me too–love it. And with organizing my office as a top priority in the new year I wanted to replicate it too. Should be fun to see how we both tackle this one! I don’t expect to come anywhere close, but if I can get in the room and find what I’m looking for I’ll feel good. If it’s pretty too I’ll feel like a genius!

  5. angie says:

    you know what i love about the way she organizes? it is real and true to life! she has a LOT of stuff in that office. and real people like us have lots of stuff in our offices! so many times, when you see after shots of organizing, there’s hardly anything left in the room! amy seems clever in the way that she organizes it all, so that it doesn’t appear cluttered. LOVE it and so glad you posted it!!!

  6. Well I’m happy to know I’m not the only one that sees something like this and gets so excited by the idea of the final product that I don’t always take the time to plan the space out before I head out to shop. Patience is not my forte, what can I say? :) And my first organizing project of 2011 is our walk in pantry off the kitchen. It has looked like a bomb went off in it for far too long. It’s *almost* ready for it’s big debut. I think I’ll post the “after” photos this week. It’s definitely been a labor of love but it feels so wonderful to have it done and have an organized, functional space to use.

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  8. You are probably best NOT to build a design around ONE resolution and try to find a solution that transforms gracefully on the widest number of devices as possible.

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