RoseBrook Meyer = Real Pretty Stuff.

I love typography.   And I love photography. Combine the two and you get (typophoto? phototypo?) RoseBrook Meyer NYC , a new company specializing in uber-sophisticated wedding invitations.  These invites are such a beautiful mix of rich photography and delicious fonts — you’ll be amazed.

RoseBrook Meyer NYC is the newest venture of my sister-in-law’s sister. Or, my brother’s sister-in-law. Either way, it’s Mo, Maureen Meyer. Talented designer and overall sweet soul.

I wouldn’t want to go back and do my wedding again. Ugh, the stress. The planning. The money.   However, I would like to sit down and pick out some of these amazing designs for other brides-to-be! (Or maybe just gaze at these images all day — seriously).


Go check it out here and pass on the word!

PS: Word on the streets is that they may venture into birth announcements so stay tuned.  NO, not for me thank you very much.


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  1. sherry hart says:

    Seriously…those are stunning!

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