Your loss…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this gem IS SOLD OUT.


Question #1: why would you pay $35 for this? Come to my house…Grand Slam will add ANY inanimate object/toy/Star Wars figure to your decor fo’ free).

#2: Who thinks this looks good?

#3: Don’t they say you should ONLY add what is useful or what you truly LOVE in your decor?  This doesn’t fit either bill.

#4: “Unexpected whimsy” my ass

Dumb frog and photo of dumb frog from


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4 Responses to Your loss…

  1. stacy clark says:


  2. Cade says:

    Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inheneroct. Not this!

  3. The seething spittle flecked Mosque goers will rejoice in this article in the foolish belief the writer is stating his true feelings and is not taking the piss. LOL

  4. My daughter loved this book, and she read parts of it out loud and it seemed very funny. Actually, Serena got so into it, she was reading it out loud in a valley girl voice. It was hilarious.I actually borrowed the book from my daughter, and I hope to give it a try, too.–Anna

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