Cocktails All Around!

Wow.  A lot of peeps seemed to enjoy the DIY Bar Cart.  If I could wheel it around to all of y’all and mix up a cold one, I would!

A big thanks to Beth at Homestories A 2 Z who featured my bar cart on her Tutes and Tips last week!  Thanks Beth!  If you aren’t familiar with her blog, check it out.  She is big time!

Another mention — Centsational Girl’s Best of the Blog… I mean, what?  Kate is like the mother of all DIY-ers.  She is queen.  I am honored.

And Kristen at My Uncommon Slice of Surburbia also featured my cocktail heaven on wheels. Her skillz will knock your Spanx off. Seriously.

Thanks to ALL.  I appreciate the great feedback and the influx of new readers. It’s a 140% increase from the previous 20 readers for my math-loving friends (Mandy & Lori).

Oh, and the handles on the cart?!  My husband thought it was the dumbest idea ever. I don’t want to rub it in, but…well, OK I won’t.

Yeah, I will.

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4 Responses to Cocktails All Around!

  1. Just found your blog. Great ideas. Love the headboard diy. I’m about to tackle one too.

    • Chianna says:

      Shoot, so that’s that one supoesps.

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