Three Reasons to be Thankful Today.

Today was a pretty somber day.  I debated posting anything today that did not honor those that were lost on 9/11 ten years ago, but I think I will and focus on something that makes me happy…BABIES.

It hit me recently that I never did a post about three very important little people in my life.  I don’t know how this escaped me, but I never even posted or shared a photo of my triplet nephews and niece until I got their ADORABLE birthday party invite in the mail.

Yeah, their first birthday… right around the corner.

I foreshadowed the event here.

Then, I announced the birth here.

Then I waited to make sure everything turned out ok (which it did and then some).

Then, I blinked. Then I got the invite.

So, without further ado…

Meet Reagan.  The eldest and smallest (at birth).  Now she outweighs her brothers and rules the household with an iron fist.  She isn’t a fan of her Aunt Kacey and gives me the death glare a lot.  However, I am confident I will win her over.

Here’s Jonathan.  The middle and the largest (at birth).  He used to be called THE TANK since he was a healthy 5.1# at birth!  He is sweet and smiley.  He seems to like me.


And finally, the baby, Kellen.  He is adventurous and wiggly and has the same personality as his father.  Which is not a bad thing — it is just humorous when his dad gets mad at him.

Everyone always asks how my sister is doing or how she manages.  And, as she would say, one week a month truly sucks (:-)), but other than that, she is AMAZING.  And the babies are amazing.  She stuck to a schedule the entire time and it really paid off.

And now, they are almost a year old!  Better late than never!

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