Empty Vessels

After removing all the Christmas hullabaloo, I realize that I have A LOT of containers.  I lined them all up on the dining room table…and there they sat…and are still sitting.   However, I know that I will put them to good use soon.  Fresh flowers, moss balls, twine balls…all  are easy to plop in and go!

See the silver cake stand with the little circles around the edge?  $4 at Goodwill!  Yeah, I know…it rocks.

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2 Responses to Empty Vessels

  1. Sandy says:

    Love Good Will, yard sales, you name it. Fun post. It’s fun to freshen things up, isn’t it?

    • SN Martha says:

      I like your blog, Sandy! Yes, it is fun to freshen up. I think I have to go BACK to Goodwill to find some stuff to put IN my vessels. I saw a great tutorial on Moss ball creations at Miss Mustard Seed. Take care!

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