DIY Door Wreath Trio

I wonder if I offended some with my last post?  Crickets.

Anyway, I saw this image via Pinterest and loved it.  Wanted to attempt it myself.

Pinned Image


  • 9″ (I think) wreaths from Michael’s.  I think these are too big.  Next time, I’d go smaller.
  • 4″ thick wired ribbon
  • 3 3M Command strips
  • Twist Ties

Of course, you can read how Martha did it, but there was a hammer, nails, and fishing line mentioned and maybe some basic algebra.

Here is what I did:

  1.  Cut the long length of ribbon
  2. Tacked it down with a glue dot
  3. Trim the bottom into a little inverted V
  4. Fake the wrap around — take more ribbon, wrap it around the top of each wreath and secure with a twist tie
  5. Figure out your spacing (note, I do know that my top wreath is WAY too high.  I was going to fix it on a daily basis for about 2 weeks until I said screw it).
  6. Cut a slit in the long length of ribbon
  7. Adhere your Command strip beneath the slit
  8. Hang your wreaths
  9. Add a topper of some sort to the top wreath
  10. Beat yourself up on your horrible math skills and spacing issues on a daily basis until you just give in to imperfection *
* This step is completely optional

Images here or here
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2 Responses to DIY Door Wreath Trio

  1. Keep this sort of thing up and you’ll have to change the name of your blog! Love the wreaths, and they look perfectly spaced to me :)

  2. ianzmom says:

    I’d like directions on how to make that cute dog! Bob makes that picture…of course the wreaths are awesome too!

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