The Diva’s Lair: Moodboard 2.0

In honor of the Diva hacking into SNM and posting 2 posts/photos (one removed, one here), I thought I would share with you the latest for her room re-do.

Walls were just painted Behr’s Silver Drop (LOVE) and are scuff-free…3 days later.

Just painted.  Don’t Judge.

Part of the design includes a gallery wall with some original Diva art like the clay bird she made below…

…Along with some great Etsy artwork, such as this:


And this:


Can’t wait to finish this project for the 7-year-old who is going on 20.  (And completely OBSESSED with her almost-20 year-old cousin Kate).


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One Response to The Diva’s Lair: Moodboard 2.0

  1. angie says:

    Going to turn out beautifully, SNM! The clay bird and the chandy are my favorite parts!

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