Buh-bye Google Friend Connect

If you read SNM via Google Friend Connect (you know, that little box on the right with the pictures of friendly faces?!) you need to know that it is going AWAY. Yep, on March 1.

So, you’ll need a new way to read — and you have several choices:

– In a reader via RSS feed, such as Google Reader. It’s easy to set up. Don’t be scared.
– Subscribe by email. See the doohickey on the right?
– You can friend me on Facebook for K. Wilson Design. However, I am little shy there and don’t talk much.

C’mon … make a choice. Don’t leave me, please?


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2 Responses to Buh-bye Google Friend Connect

  1. caitlin says:

    Google is really staking their claim on everything these days…

    I’m sure as long as you continue to Blog as is, people will come back.

  2. SN Martha says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Caitlin!

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