Project Down Under: Paint

The perils of picking paint!!

I always (strongly) suggest my clients get a few paint samples and do large (e.g., 3′ x 4′) swatches either on the wall or a piece of poster board.  You really need the size to judge the color.  The teensy paint chip won’t cut it.   Plus, you always need to try it IN THE space with all the variability of lighting that takes place.  It’s amazing how the actual space and lighting can impact the color.  Otherwise, you will be out $40/gallon and your time… that is, unless you have a professional paint it.  Then, take that amount and multiply it by a million.  #commoncore

Did you know Home Depot sells this nifty little post-it type thing (called the “Sure Swatch“) to paint on and THEN you stick up on the wall!  For only $.98 apiece you can more successfully choose your paint color.

My first issue with the basement paint color is I was limited by my husband’s need to save money and go with Behr paint.  I was already aware of two popular gray colors I could choose, Dolphin Fin and Silver Drop.   I dutifully used the post-it method and we chose Silver Drop.  However, as you can see in the photo below, it looked REALLY beige – not the direction I wanted to go in (the largest swatch on the left).   So, at 10:00 pm, 8 hours before the painters came, I threw up as many gray samples as I had on hand and went crazy.  DECISIONS!


We ended up going with Dolphin Fin after all.  On the swatch, it looked like it had a lot of green undertones, but it looks fine on the wall!  It might be the second or third one on the left… I can’t even remember.  Photo coming soon!

For the bathroom and the workout room, I had Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl matched in Behr paint.  It went on swimmingly.  Much darker than normal, but those rooms don’t have any natural light.  Photos coming soon!


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