3 Things

I am going to attempt a post topic called “3 things.” I will even break the grammar rules and put “3” instead of writing out “three.” Efficient. Thrifty. And, I may only write in bullet points.

Here are the top 3 things on my mind:

1. My new Lo and Sons “OMG” bag for work travel

* Fits my new MacAir (yeah!)
* Packed it for a work trip that never came to fruition, but I DID get mad props from the lady behind me in the security line.
* I looked at a few but I really loved the unique shape of the OMG


2. I am getting overly annoyed with Bloggers that are compensated/given free shit.

It used to be so refreshing to see big ideas and innovation. Now, I just see bloggers rooms almost fully decorated by FREE stuff that is given away. It’s just not the same. The authenticity isn’t there anymore.

3. Stitch Fix.

* It’s addicting. Just one time I would love to buy all five things just to get that discount. It may happen. Someday.
* I just signed up for Fabletics too. Issues. Any advice? I’ve heard the tops aren’t that great.



Talk to me.

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  1. I have heard of stitch fix but never used them. I kinda agree with your point 2 although brands are smart to use the influence of bloggers. Although not my style to approach brands, If something spectacular comes along then I will raise my hand.

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