No Deer Were Harmed in the Making of this Post

I want this little fella for Grand Slam’s boudoir:

Photo Credit: ModCloth

How cute would that be hanging above his big boy bed?! 

How long do you think it will last before he disassembles it into a bunch of mini-cardboard pieces and then uses them as weapons of mass destruction on his sister?

I think I need to get it.  I see Deer Heads all over the decorating world, especially in my beloved, dearly departed Domino Mag.

Stay tuned — I am still working on some images of the big boy room!

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5 Responses to No Deer Were Harmed in the Making of this Post

  1. ianzmom says:

    poor guy will have nightmares that he killed bambi!

  2. beth says:

    just have your husband or f-i-l hunt down a real one!

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