10 Habits of Organized People

I love all things ORGANIZATION.  Being organized, looking at organized gear, walking into the Container Store…ahhhh.

So, naturally, I love to find little tidbits such as this post from Deliciously Organized.

I think this is a great post — perhaps one some of you should print out and hang in multiple places within your homes. (I’m not naming names, but I once lived inside this person…)

The first 4 tips apply to me and are now on my to-do list:

1. Walk away from bargains

2.  Make peace with imperfection

3. Never label anything miscellaneous

4.  Schedule regular de-cluttering sessions

Do you have another tip?  Let me know!

All images via MarthaStewart.com

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6 Responses to 10 Habits of Organized People

  1. She's no Martha's Mom says:

    I forgot to tell you, you were adopted.

  2. angie says:

    you two CLEARLY ARE related–you have the same sense of humor!!!!

  3. beth says:

    SNM-DHPF (Daisy HIll Puppy Farm) just rang…call them back! Love number one but guessing this was written after you bought the $7 vase you just had to have to “complete” the mantel.

  4. alwayswithme says:

    Hire a professional organizer for a consult or actual help in reorganizing.

    Get rid of anything you don’t love.

    Rethink the way you use your space.

    Don’t become someone else’s storage room.

    For information on my post about my start at organizing my space head over to my blog entry about it http://alwayswithme.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/my-name-is-julie-and-i-am-organizationally-challenged/

  5. Kacey says:

    I could have written this post. I love organization, but I’m sort of terrible at it. Good tips!

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