In Need of a Rug Intervention

Dearest readers: I am contemplating which rug to buy for my living room and I am in need of help.  

The Goal:  Get something to connect the furniture and give it a better foundation.  It also has to be durable to help extend the life of the wall-to-wall broadloom underneath.

The Vision:  I am going with tones of brown and cream…and then depending on the season, I want to layer in greens or oranges.  I want everything major (walls, rugs, drapes) to be a tone-on-tone or within different hues.

The Background:  Brown is my favorite color.  It is, I am sorry.  It’s the color of chocolate, it’s the color of my dog, and it plays SOOO nicely with other colors.  Rich, creamy, dark brown…mmmm.

The Problem: First choices of rugs…brown.  Too much brown. HELP!

The Room:

(Please Ignore the toddler shoes and socks! Oh, and the B-ball game….)

The Contenders:

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs from (inexpensive & durable, but scratchy)

Pottery Barn (soft, but more expensive)
                              Clara Rug, 2.5 x 9'
                             Lattice Rug, 2.5 x 9', Mocha
Thoughts? Do I need a brown intervention?!
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2 Responses to In Need of a Rug Intervention

  1. Sally says:

    Didn’t Lori forbid you from buying anything else brown, beige or tan?

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