A Little Apartment Therapy right here in C-bus…

Do you get the Apartment Therapy email? 
I do.   And I spied a little loveliness right here in Columbus…


First, I took the house tour of Suzi West and her Short North Condo.   I love this bed, the beautiful chandies hanging next to it on either side, and the dewy-decimal-card-system-box (what is the word I am looking for here?!?) right in front.  Plus — the sign.  I love a little irreverence in my decorating!   

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy


Plus, I liked Suzi’s philosophies on design/decorating.     

I then discovered that Suzi is the owner of Collier West — a store I was unaware of but now that I saw this photo…   


…I will now be making a special trip downtown — pennies in hand.   

Suzi also has a blog — take a peek.  I’m headed over there now!

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4 Responses to A Little Apartment Therapy right here in C-bus…

  1. Michelle says:

    I love the look! I’m ready to head to Columbus to do some serious shopping! Let’s plan a date…tax return’s coming soon! ;)

  2. Suzi West says:

    Hey, did you come through? I would hope you would introduce yourself. We are in the process of flipping the store around, so I am the one apologizing “please pardon our dust” and with two day old pigtails.

    Thanks for the blog post and really positive feedback. I’m going to dive into your blog this weekend.
    I also have some thoughts on how I would live if I had a million dollars. Have you ever seen Dolce and Gabbana’s space in Stromboli, Italy? It is completely over the top and opulent. There is a gold room- and I mean gold-that flips my hair up. Totally nutty fashion people.

    Reminds me that I should scan them and post them, along with Donatella Versace’s space in New York.

    Like you, I love design and decor, but definitely cannot be attached to one look or adjective. I always dream about what my other spaces would look like if I had multiple residences. Dying to do an all white contemporary beach house with antler chandeliers and a pre-fab glass box in the middle of the woods.

    We can dream.

    Do stop by!


    • SN Martha says:

      Hi Suzi! I tried to find your email on your blog, but couldn’t….glad you came over.
      I will deffo. introduce myself when I stop by the store. I will be the one drooling over most items, but likely leaving with only a handsoap due to this damn recession.

      Hope to meet soon!

  3. beth says:

    it’s called a card catalog snm! sign me up for the shopping trip with mich!

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