House Guest

I am getting a house guest in June!

It’s my lovely niece, Kate. 

She will be our summer nanny and then start school in the fall. 

I am very excited to have her stay with us.  The kids love her and she is just one of those easy people to have around and chat with.  Plus, when I hang out with her in public, I just might get a second glance from the young men.  What, is that wrong?!

So, this means I need to get our guest room in order!   

Right now it looks like this:

But soon, I hope it will look like THIS:


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4 Responses to House Guest

  1. Amy says:

    Do you have a room for me? She will never come back once she sees that room!! :(

  2. Mom says:

    Hey, I thought that was my room!

  3. kate says:

    sooooo this is why i love you!

  4. Lisa says:

    You can come decorate my house next :-)

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