Bambi is in the House.

I am finally getting around to posting my deer project in Grand Slam’s room.

I bought the deer from Uncommon Goods and noticed how teeny tiny it was once I put it together.   It needed a little  j ne sais quoi.

I took one of the many canvases I have waiting in the wings

Slapped some brown paint on it

Had the hubby reinforce it on the backside

And voila…a little more heftiness for my 8-point buck.


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4 Responses to Bambi is in the House.

  1. Taylor says:

    Very cute, I did a DIY version you can see here

    but I love the detail of the one you bought!

  2. miranda says:


    Can you tell me what size deer you got and then what size canvas you used?


    • miranda says:

      Also, if you remember what color paint you used as well?

    • SN Martha says:

      Hi! I think it was the small size at UnCommon Goods. I’m not sure I remember multiple sizes. It is rather small.

      For the canvas, I believe it is a 16 x 20. If I recall, the paint color is Less Brown by Sherwin Williams. Sorry! I think this is the first time anyone ever asked me the details! I hope this helps!

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