I'm No Engineer, but…

… I do know that 6 falls in between 5 and 7.  

With that said, it’s hard to imagine not being able to find the 6th floor of a parking garage and constantly traveling between the 5th and 7th floors.

Yes, I got stuck.   The Arena Grand Parking Garage.

I got off the EXACT same elevator that I used in the morning.  I hit the button to the 6th floor, and walked down the ramp to find 6 EAST. 

Nope, I landed on the 5th floor.   

I walked back up.  7th Floor.  Hmmmm…

I calmly pressed the panic button. 

Damn, I was close judging by the sound.

I walked down again.  Nope.  5th Floor.

I pressed the panic button again — this time more panicked.  I was so close I could taste it. 

I looked OVER the wall and saw my car.  It was there — on 6 EAST. 


I contemplated leaping over the wall, but wasn’t sure how my body or my laptop would survive the impact.

A very sweet woman stopped and said she heard the car beeping.  I think my face was the same color as my panic button.

She informed me that I need to go UP to the 7th floor and walk down to the 6th floor. 

Engineering Genius.

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One Response to I'm No Engineer, but…

  1. Ianz mama says:

    LMAO! So glad that creativity workshop worked out for you. Seems like you should have mindmapped your location, improved your response to annoyed lady and carefully collided with your car.

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