I won a Liebster Award!


liebsterawardI won a blog award!  I go away for 6 months and lo and behold…an award bestowed upon me from a dear reader, Jane!   There was a list of questions I had to consider and reflect upon.  3 weeks later, I have answers.

If you were stranded on an island and could bring only three things, what would they be? (You can be as practical or impractical as you like):

  • Umm, lip balm.  Black Chapstick brand.  It’s my crack.
  • My iPhone with unlimited battery and Wi-Fi
  • Brita water filter

What is a habit or quirk that you have that people close to you have pointed out?

  • Well, if you are a blood relative, there are probably 1.3 trillion quirks you would post here.  So I don’t know where to start.  I have been told that I hold my beer bottle like a sailor.   And, I tend to be slightly overdramatic (I have a degree in Theatre… just getting a little return on my investment).

What fictional character from a movie/TV show/book do you most relate to? (or are similar to?)

  • I used to be 1 part Felix Unger (The Odd Couple) with 1 part Monica Geller(Friends).  However these days, I feel like Frankie Heck (The Middle).felix__1236003120_0507



What is one lesson learned from this year that you would like to share with us?

  • To forgive others before it’s too late.  Just do it.

Thanks again, Jane!!

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Yup. Sniff.


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Serena and Lilly Pondicherry Headboard

Remember our DIY headboard?

It was modeled after this hefty lover. She ain’t cheap.

However, according to one of my FAVORITE blog-broads, here is an alternative for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty bloody!

Go!  Buy!

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I’m Back and a Moodboard!

It’s been EONS since I’ve been here.  I don’t even know if ANYONE reads this.   Anyone? ( I refuse to do the “Bueller” bit.  Shit, I just did it…).

Anyway, in April I took a new job (same company) and my creative mojo has significantly dwindled.  That’s a post (and some psychotherapy) for another day.  There have been a few things I have worked on here and there, but I typically post on my Facebook page.

I did get one thing done — and that is a living room mood board and shopping list for our friends’ parents.  I am really excited to see this room completely done!  The client already had the dark color on the walls and the white leather sectional so I just pulled some other key pieces and some art.   I know she has already purchased many of the items and is hoping to have it done for a few holiday parties.  (Minus, of course, that last 15% of layering that has to be done over time!).

My jumping off point was the little watercolor found here.  I sorta want it for me-self.

Lorenz Living Room_version 2.0

These clients live over an hour away so I hope to stop by around Christmas time to take an after picture!

Seriously, someone leave me a comment to let me know if anyone is still around or if I should shut this puppy down! :-)

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The Fab Four in my Decor

IKEA ribba frame = $ 4.99
Etsy Print = $8.00
Teaching my kids the roots of all good rock and roll  & life before the Biebs = Priceless.

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Why Columbus is great:

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. It’s a must try (especially the Buckeye State and Salty Caramel flavors).


Discerning clientele:


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The world we live in…


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My latest piece of art

What do you think?


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Complete Fleecing.

J Crew catalogue March 2012.


$420 for a sequin cami. Seems perfectly reasonable, no?


How the HELL did I afford that J. Crew flannel I tied around my waist circa 1993?!

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My latest Pinterest Obsessions

Notice a theme – or THEMES?

Images via here


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