Serena and Lilly Pondicherry Headboard

Remember our DIY headboard?

It was modeled after this hefty lover. She ain’t cheap.

However, according to one of my FAVORITE blog-broads, here is an alternative for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty bloody!

Go!  Buy!

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I’m Back and a Moodboard!

It’s been EONS since I’ve been here.  I don’t even know if ANYONE reads this.   Anyone? ( I refuse to do the “Bueller” bit.  Shit, I just did it…).

Anyway, in April I took a new job (same company) and my creative mojo has significantly dwindled.  That’s a post (and some psychotherapy) for another day.  There have been a few things I have worked on here and there, but I typically post on my Facebook page.

I did get one thing done — and that is a living room mood board and shopping list for our friends’ parents.  I am really excited to see this room completely done!  The client already had the dark color on the walls and the white leather sectional so I just pulled some other key pieces and some art.   I know she has already purchased many of the items and is hoping to have it done for a few holiday parties.  (Minus, of course, that last 15% of layering that has to be done over time!).

My jumping off point was the little watercolor found here.  I sorta want it for me-self.

Lorenz Living Room_version 2.0

These clients live over an hour away so I hope to stop by around Christmas time to take an after picture!

Seriously, someone leave me a comment to let me know if anyone is still around or if I should shut this puppy down! :-)

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The Fab Four in my Decor

IKEA ribba frame = $ 4.99
Etsy Print = $8.00
Teaching my kids the roots of all good rock and roll  & life before the Biebs = Priceless.

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Why Columbus is great:

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. It’s a must try (especially the Buckeye State and Salty Caramel flavors).


Discerning clientele:


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The world we live in…


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My latest piece of art

What do you think?


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Complete Fleecing.

J Crew catalogue March 2012.


$420 for a sequin cami. Seems perfectly reasonable, no?


How the HELL did I afford that J. Crew flannel I tied around my waist circa 1993?!

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My latest Pinterest Obsessions

Notice a theme – or THEMES?

Images via here


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Buh-bye Google Friend Connect

If you read SNM via Google Friend Connect (you know, that little box on the right with the pictures of friendly faces?!) you need to know that it is going AWAY. Yep, on March 1.

So, you’ll need a new way to read — and you have several choices:

- In a reader via RSS feed, such as Google Reader. It’s easy to set up. Don’t be scared.
- Subscribe by email. See the doohickey on the right?
- You can friend me on Facebook for K. Wilson Design. However, I am little shy there and don’t talk much.

C’mon … make a choice. Don’t leave me, please?


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Being a busy full-time working mama, I do what I can to cull down the never-ending tasks.

To help with this, I pre-ordered the Valentine’s day cards for the kids – already cut & signed! Very happy with how this turned out! From here.

Grand Slam’s:

The Diva’s:


Names haphazardly crossed out to protect our identity. :-)

Thanks, Marisa!!

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