Complete Fleecing.

J Crew catalogue March 2012.


$420 for a sequin cami. Seems perfectly reasonable, no?


How the HELL did I afford that J. Crew flannel I tied around my waist circa 1993?!

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My latest Pinterest Obsessions

Notice a theme – or THEMES?

Images via here


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Buh-bye Google Friend Connect

If you read SNM via Google Friend Connect (you know, that little box on the right with the pictures of friendly faces?!) you need to know that it is going AWAY. Yep, on March 1.

So, you’ll need a new way to read — and you have several choices:

– In a reader via RSS feed, such as Google Reader. It’s easy to set up. Don’t be scared.
– Subscribe by email. See the doohickey on the right?
– You can friend me on Facebook for K. Wilson Design. However, I am little shy there and don’t talk much.

C’mon … make a choice. Don’t leave me, please?


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Being a busy full-time working mama, I do what I can to cull down the never-ending tasks.

To help with this, I pre-ordered the Valentine’s day cards for the kids – already cut & signed! Very happy with how this turned out! From here.

Grand Slam’s:

The Diva’s:


Names haphazardly crossed out to protect our identity. :-)

Thanks, Marisa!!

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Ask NOT what you can do for SNM….

If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.  ~Jay Leno

OK, people.  I don’t ask for much.  But it would tickle my fancy HARDCORE if you went over here and voted for my little sister, Beth.   Don’t you want my fancy to be tickled?!?

Armommy is having a contest for Mother’s Night Out and what better candidate than a full-time elementary school teacher with 16-month-old triplets and a 5 year old?!

C’mon y’all!

Vote here ->

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Feeling the Love in my Master! Wait, what?

Thanks for the all the kind words on my master bedroom reveal.  Sometimes (as you know) it is a little scary to put your creative self out there and see what people will say. Thankfully, I haven’t come across any haters out there.

I have had some questions about sources so here you go:

1. Ghost Chairs are Lexington Modern — found on Amazon. If you click on the link below to buy, you will actually help put food on the table for my kids.   :-) I actually bought a set of two for $175 but I can’t seem to find that option.

2. Settee – The Elton Settee by West Elm.  I am very protective of this guy. I don’t like when dirty dogs or dirty buns get near it. I LOVE IT.

3. Metal letters are from Pottery Barn (I think) circa Y2K.

4. The W is from Urban Outfitters.

5. The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams creamy (a great off-white)

6. The drapes are IKEA RITVAs

Again, thanks! You sure make a girl feel good!  Very excited for all my new followers.

PS: The tooth situation is much better. The nerves were dying a slow death until one Saturday where I drank 3 Martinis just to kill the pain. I actually couldn’t get over the fact that 800 mg of Motrin took away the pain after I gave birth (naturally) to 9.5# and 10.3# babies yet would not make a DENT in my tooth pain. Thankfully, the nerves died, I got an emergency root canal, and now I get to go BACK to the dentist for either a filling or a new crown.

I ♥ dental work!

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My Master Bedroom: As finished as possible.

As I type this, I am going on week 4 of chronic pain. What I thought was a sinus infection is actually a tooth/nerve issue from dental work. I had 2 fillings from the early 80’s replaced in order to give me a chronic migraine and now a potential root canal. Thanks, Mr. DDS. *sshole. The reason I tell you is to caveat the rest of this post in case words like “*sshole” or “quack” appear suddenly and it appears this was written by an insane person.

For those 3 readers that periodically come back to SNM, you know I have been working diligently on the Master bedroom. If I was a good blogger, I would have teased you along with daily snapshots and witty commentary. But now, after maybe 1 tease last summer, I give you: MY BEDROOM.

Full on:

Seating area where I mostly do domestic work like fold laundry:

The bed with my DIY-headboard:

Please don’t mention the wrinkles.

Marbled papered prints I bought from here immediately upon seeing them:

Love print by Made By Girl:

Mid Century (free hand-me-down) dresser from the husband’s parents:

Lovely antique (?) chest thrifted from a pile of cast-off dorm room furniture:

fun letters:

I’d still like to add some trim to the curtains, add a little more art, and get new nightstands. But for now, this:

is a helluva lot better than this:

or this:

All Photos (except the last 2 really crappy ones) by Rita Finn
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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Weekend Bloggy Reading

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Sneaky Peak

My pal Rita came over yesterday to take a few glamour shots of the only design work I have completed — my very own house.  She amazes me — the way she just comes in, moves all the dials on her Cannon (pretty quickly I might add) and then snaps an amazing photo.  I could never capture the shots she gets.

She posted a little sneak peek on Facebook last night:

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the rest!!

Am I the only one who thinks I should have fixed the top of the icing where it got a little smashed?!

Three Cheers for RITA!!

Stay gold,


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Still here.

Long time no post.

Been dealing with a nagging sinus issue (remember?).  This time I have not been on any antibiotics.  I go for my physical on Monday so I may try to hold off until then.  Save the co-pay, yo!  I still need to schedule my sinus surgery that was suggested one year ago.  Now the Diva needs her tonsils and adenoids removed so it looks like I may get fixed around 2014.

My day job is crazy busy.  Even when I come home, I still have thoughts, ideas, and issues swirling in my head.

Did my first paid decor gig.  Finally caved in and started my own little side biz.  This was for my friend Shannon’s family room.  I hope she liked it!

Note:  I am not recommending a fake ficus.  I was just suggesting some nice greenery.  I need to find a photo of the Fiddle Fig tree….

My last bit of news is that my friend Rita, one of the best photographers I know, is coming on Saturday to snap a few shots for K Wilson Design.   I am starting to feel slightly nervous about the lack of beauty shots and trying to keep the dirty socks, Legos, and other bits and pieces cleaned up and out of sight.  That’s a battle I am not sure I can win…

Have a great week, friends.

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New Decor Book

Besides new jammies, a spa gift certificate, and a new Stella & Dot bracelet, I also got this gem:


So far so good, but then again, I have only had time to read the dust jacket.

On another note, this amazing shop just opened a new location in my neck of the woods — Bungalow Home.

So much goodness in so little space. I wish I would have had the chance for more photos, but I was actually all hyped up on novocaine and drooling. Hit it up sometime!!






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