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Oak No More!

I wrote a post once about my great finds at Ubberhaus in Dublin, Ohio.  One item that came home with me was this ugly oak-y bench.  $40.      Which looking back seems like a lot, but then I took a … Continue reading

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Guest Room Dresser Makeover

I am not 100% done with the guest room.  I still have the art wall to finish and the painting of the chandy. However, I can share the dresser makeover! Woo Hoo! The piece came via the WANT ADs at … Continue reading

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Master Bath Envy.

Most of the time, it is about the journey and NOT the destination.  But in this case…it’s all destination, baby.  I don’t know how I got there, but I am glad I arrived.          I stumbled upon the newly designed bathroom … Continue reading

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And the Trophy Goes to…

Cottage Living, Idea House 2008.  I see this room with the white glossy spray-painted trophies and think it is quirky, but it sticks in my brain 2 years later (which is a FEAT considering I can’t remember my gym locker combination after a … Continue reading

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File with Style!

Imagine something like the following (don’t have a “before” picture): Imagine using some leftover wall paint and 2 knobs ($3 total at Hobby Lobby) and getting something like this: $3.00 for an upgraded printer stand!  I am sure Martha probably … Continue reading

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Big Boy Bed

Do the words BIG BOY remind you of a Brawny Lad and this guy? It does to me. Anyway, this is about MY big boy (who doesn’t wear overalls since he is man-boy).  I am slowly closing in on a … Continue reading

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DIY Lovelies

I am so amazed at the DIY-ers there are out in blog land.   I will go online to search one simple thing and HOURS later,  I awake from this blacked-out state not knowing what sites I have been to or … Continue reading

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DIY Arts & Crafts

I finally got around to snapping some shots of stuff I have created on my own or with the help of my husband.  (For those that aren’t aware, my husband is like Norm Abrams but H-O-T.  Oh yeah, and younger).  … Continue reading

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